COGNAC analytics

COGNAC systems offers a complete portfolio of analytics services, to rapidly provide insights and accelerate your digital transformation journey.

COGNAC analytics services

COGNAC provides a foundation of information management and analytic capabilities to harness all value from data that matters.

Managed BI and Analytics Services

Maintenance, support, and development capacity coupled with services that transform your BI environments.

Spend Analytics

A flexible approach that provides either an end-to-end data transformation and visualization solution or that leverages our data and analytics technology expertise to enhance your existing in-house solution.

Analytics and AI Platform Services

A fully integrated, industrial-strength analytics and AI platform that includes enterprise-grade architecture, multiple deployment options, end-to-end managed services and guided onboarding.

Analytics Advisory

Advisory Services leveraging industry best practices and analytic methods to turn data into insights that solve various business challenges.

IoT Analytics

We utilize advanced technologies including machine learning to provide enhanced insights with real-time situational intelligence and improved business outcomes.

GDPR Services

Our GDPR Services integrate our advisory services, proven analytics and security solutions and legal advisory services to rapidly implement and even manage enterprise-wide GDPR programs.

Success Stories

COGNAC is designing and building a central data repository for one of the world’s largest investment banks. It is also managing the integration of core data with thousands of applications used by the bank in its investment banking operations. As this program continues to deliver, common data will be consistently and efficiently deployed in all divisions.

The bank is using COGNAC’s data virtualization approach and sees it as leading edge. This approach brings together several COGNAC partners to provide a coherent and successful strategy, delivering new levels of data support for decision makers. Information is aggregated in the repository and provides a single source of “clean” reference data, enabling client applications and their users to be kept informed in real time as new information becomes available.

Satisfied Clients


Increased Traffic


Increased Revenue


COGNAC delivered its end-to-end Data Management and Minimisation Solution, which brought together key software tools and architecture models and proprietary knowledge from the COGNAC Analytics practice. COGNAC worked with client teams from across the business to explore current data strategies and to identify the many locations where current data was held and how it could be used.

COGNAC’s approach to GDPR focuses on the fact that it is not sufficient to address only the exceptions (subject-access requests, requests for deletion, etc.). Businesses must demonstrate and execute proper day-to-day, “business as usual” processes, and not wait until they are challenged by clients. The GDPR principle of “protection by design” requires that data must be routinely deleted or access to it reduced, whenever that is practical.


As an organization, we are confident not just about the day GDPR comes into force, but also that we have a data-centric, customer-centric, diligent approach to information that will stand up to scrutiny whilst supporting more efficiencies within the company. It would NOT have been possible without COGNAC systems by our side.

Xinmiao Yu


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