COGNAC applications


COGNAC’s Application Services cover four areas: Applications Modernization and Transformation; Applications Development; Testing and Digital Assurance; Applications Management.

Applications Development Services

Our services develop secure software with quality and speed, at scale, using traditional to next-gen technology and approaches to enrich the customer experience, accelerate business outcomes and drive customer loyalty.


COGNAC helps organizations increase productivity by enabling and automating the development pipeline.


We help organizations avoid, identify and remediate vulnerabilities in their applications to improve security

Testing and Digital Assurance

COGNAC’s end to end testing and digital assurance services enable clients to release secure, quality applications quickly cost-effectively, ensuring our clients’ customers enjoy a great experience from the first time they use the application.

Lifecycle Testing

We offer functional and life cycle testing for every type of application using traditional, agile and DevOps methodologies

Test Advisory

We work with clients to establish a Testing Center of Excellence, leveraging COGNAC’s wealth of knowledge

NHFPC, Guiyang, China

“COGNAC’s innovative aspect lies in two areas: its cloud computing technology and big data analytics technology,” Shuhuai said. “First, our core processes platform is deployed in our cloud. For primary healthcare institutions, as long as they have access to the private network, there is no need to purchase other additional IT equipment. COGNAC utilizes big data analytics technology in the government’s decision-making process for their supervision, and for residents’ medical records.”